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采访《七周七数据库》作者 Eric Redmond - 数据库的故事

May 15, 2014 teahour database nosql

目前 Teahour 的网站不适合放文本,需要重新设计,暂时先放我自己博客上。

本期音频文本非常感谢@吴怡村的整理。本文是 Teahour 第 18 期 『Interview with Eric Redmond about Database』 的录音文本,欢迎大家订阅 Teahour,iTunes URL 是。Android 用户可以使用 AntennaPod 来订阅。同时,欢迎加 Teahour 好友,微博Twitter

Part 1: Introduction and the CAP theorem####

Kevin: Welcome everybody! In this episode, we have Eric Redmond with us. I’m your host Kevin and we also have Dingding. Eric, why don’t you introduce yourself first?

Eric: Sure, as you’ve mentioned, I’m Eric Redmond. I’m relevant to this episode. I co-authored a book with Jim Wilson called Seven Databases in Seven Weeks. And the idea was that with all the changes that have been recurring in the database marketplace over the past few years, it was probably the...


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