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与 Ari Lerner 聊 AngularJS

目前 Teahour 的网站不适合放文本,需要重新设计,暂时先放我自己博客上。

本期音频文本非常感谢@吴怡村的整理。本文是 Teahour 第 51 期 『Interview with Ari Lerner about AngularJS』 的录音文本,欢迎大家订阅 Teahour,iTunes URL 是。Android 用户可以使用 AntennaPod 来订阅。同时,欢迎加 Teahour 好友,微博Twitter

Part 1: AnguarJS talk

Kevin: Hello everybody and welcome to Teahour. This is episode 51 and today we have Ari Lerner. Hi Ari.

Ari: I worked at At&T for about five and a half years or so and at AT&T I was originally hired to build their internal competitor to EC2. I helped build their internal cloud and I built what was actually one of the first open-source clones of Heroku entirely in Erlang called Beehive. In my later time at AT&T, I worked on their developer services. I helped build their single...


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